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On Thursday, February 22nd, BRIN researchers from the Behavioural and Circular Economy Research Centre (PREPS) convened a visitation and conducted the Training of Trainers (ToT) at the RDI office.  They conduct an essential Training of Trainers (ToT) session focusing on the intricate topic of techno-economic assessment within the realm of RDF (Refuse-Derived Fuel) implementation. This session was specifically designed to prepare for the upcoming RDFact Capacity Building #4 training session, which would delve into the  RDF techno-economic assessment.

The ToT session served as a crucial platform, furnishing our researchers with indispensable skills and knowledge essential for guiding participants through the process of simulating techno-economic assessments pertinent to RDF projects during the main training event. This comprehensive preparation ensured that the trainers would be aptly equipped to facilitate meaningful learning experiences for all participants involved.

The collaborative efforts between RDI and BRIN bore fruit through extensive joint research endeavors and on-site visits spanning the past year. It is through this concerted effort that we meticulously developed training modules tailored specifically for the forthcoming RDFact Capacity Building #4 session, focusing intently on the intricacies of RDF techno-economic assessment.

The upcoming training, slated to be held on February 28-29, 2024, will serve as a pivotal space for knowledge dissemination and capacity enhancement. Hosted at the Swiss-Belhotel in Bogor, this event promises to be a beacon of learning and collaboration, bringing together experts and practitioners alike to delve into the multifaceted realm of RDF implementation and its economic underpinnings.


Report by: Baihaqi Muhammad | Edited by: Syukron Subkhi

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