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The February 2024 edition of the Indonesian Update features a main report regarding the phenomenon of white group (golput) in general elections (Pemilu). Abstention is not merely apathy. Golput should be interpreted and reflected as a form of protest and an expression of dissatisfaction with the Government’s performance and other issues. It is important to make joint efforts to respond to expressions of abstention and to improve the system that applies in democracy, including in the context of elections.

 In the economic sector, the Indonesian Update highlights the policies of the Indonesian Government that has committed to developing hydrogen through various national hydrogen development policies and strategies. However, hydrogen development in Indonesia is also not free from challenges. Next, we also discuss the creative economy or orange economy, which is an economy that is intertwined with economic, cultural and social aspects that interact with technology, intellectual property and tourism destinations.

In the legal field, the Indonesian Update addresses the participation of persons with disabilities in the 2024 election contestation. It cannot be denied that there must still be optimal efforts to continue to increase the political participation of persons with disabilities as election participants or candidates in election contestations. Next, we also discuss the comparison of community candidacy in elections in Indonesia and Brazil, as protecting the rights of indigenous peoples is as important as protecting the human rights of all citizens because all citizens are equal before the law, including in the context of elections.

In the political field, the Indonesian Update highlights the dynamics that are developing regarding the coalitions of political parties supporting presidential candidates after the results of the 2024 Presidential Elections (Pilpres) on February 14 2024. The pragmatism of political parties will determine the direction of the coalitions after the 2024 presidential elections.

In the social sector, the Indonesian Update highlights that new candidates for the head of government require an inclusive perspective in implementing campaign promises in the policy processes, including in efforts to realize people’s welfare and social justice for all Indonesian people. Next, we also discuss women and the reflections on the anti-female genital mutilation (FGM) movement. The government needs to share a perspective framework regarding the importance of providing women with a sense of security regarding their bodies.

It is hoped that the monthly publication of the Indonesian Update with current themes will help policy makers in government and business institutions – as well as academic circles, think tanks and elements of civil society, both at home and abroad, to obtain actual information and contextual analysis about economic conditions, politics, social and law in Indonesia, as well as an understanding of public policy in Indonesia.


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