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During the previous week, we oversaw The ASCEND Competency Assessor Training, held from 19th to 22nd February 2024. The event commenced with a warm welcome from Mr. Meor Ismail bin Meor Akim, Deputy Manager of NADMA Malaysia, and Mr. Lee Yam Ming, Executive Director of AHA Centre. Following this, Mr. Andrew Mardanugraha, ASCEND Project Coordinator of AHA Centre, provided a comprehensive overview of the project activities and the meticulously crafted work plan for 2024.

The initial day was dedicated to the Internalization of the ASCEND Assessment, skillfully led by Mrs. Tetty Ariyanto. This segment aimed at deepening participants’ comprehension of the assessment process and included interactive group sessions exploring cultural aspects. The second day shifted focus to the competency requirements of distinct groups, with participants organized into categories such as WASH, Shelter Management, Rapid Assessment, Information Management, and Humanitarian Logistics. They actively engaged in developing assessment plans aligned with the ASCEND Competency Standards, with our consultancy playing a supportive role throughout.

The third day, led by Mrs. Christina Aquino and Mr. Martin Aguilar from The Filipino Hospitality, delved into enhancing competence assessment and validation skills. Mrs. Aquino’s session emphasized assessing competence within vocational education and training, incorporating recognition of prior learning (RPL), and making reasonable adjustments. Mr. Aguilar followed with guidance on participating in assessment validation, stressing the significance of ensuring assessment accuracy and reliability. This day equipped participants with practical tools and insights to excel in competence assessment and validation, fostering a collaborative and stimulating learning environment.

On the final day, Dr. Saut Sagala, our Senior Research Fellow presented the concluding module, “Design, Develop, and Use Assessment Tools,” emphasizing practical application. The afternoon featured Trial Simulation activities, providing participants with hands-on experience as both candidates and assessors. The session concluded with reflective discussions, offering valuable insights and bringing a collaborative end to the training program.


Report by: Tiffany Salikha | Edited by: Syukron Subkhi

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