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The intersection between climate change and human mobility is an emerging topic, emphasizing the need to capture inflow and outflow migration trends, prevalence, patterns, and their nexus to climate and environmental changes in nationwide representative data. Therefore, IOM Indonesia, BRIN, and RDI held a consultation workshop on Thursday, 1st February 2024, to foster collaboration in Climate Change Adaptation and Human Mobility.

The agenda was initiated by BRIN to disseminate their findings about climate migration in regions in Indonesia, highlighting the factors caused by climate that trigger migration. Later, IOM Indonesia explained their work on climate migration prediction modeling for the Climate Displacement Resilience Index, a joint effort with IOM and a research institution. The agenda concluded with a breakout discussion facilitated by Danang Azhari (Deputy Program Manager), consisting of three groups discussing data availability in climate migration, policy and regulation, and coordination mechanisms among relevant actors. RDI also actively participated in the discussion, with RDI Senior Research Fellows (Dr. Elisabeth Rianawati, Dr. Saut Sagala), RDI Deputy Director (Hoferdy Zawani), and RDI DCR Research Officer (Abimanyu Arya) providing insights regarding necessary interventions to reduce migration, as well as better data integration and quality to monitor and predict migration between regions.

This consultation has resulted in a consensus on how the nexus of climate change and its adverse effects, particularly human mobility, should be explored through collaboration at every level of governance. This also highlights the urgency to advocate for the issue of Climate Change Adaptation and Human Mobility. RDI, through the Climate and Disaster Displacement Working Group, is committed to advocating for humane and orderly migration as an adaptation strategy.

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