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Written by : Syukron Subkhi (Outreach and Communications Manager)

On Thursday, June 6, 2024, we were honored to welcome a distinguished delegation from the University of Toronto to our Pahlawan Office. The delegation comprised eminent scholars and administrators, including Prof. Joshua Barker, Dean of the School of Graduate Studies; Prof. Rachel Silvey, Director of the Asian Institute at the Munk School of Public Policy; Prof. Greg Evans from the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Engineering; and Alicja Sobecka from the Office of the Vice President International.

The purpose of this visit was to explore potential areas for partnership and collaboration between our institutions. We had in-depth discussions on various initiatives, including joint research projects in several development sectors, student internship programs, post-doctoral opportunities, and broader project collaborations. The dialogue was fruitful and highlighted numerous opportunities where both institutions can benefit from each other’s strengths and expertise.

This visit is a continuation of our ongoing engagement with the University of Toronto, which began last year when Dr. Saut Sagala visited several institutions in Canada. During those initial meetings, we identified several key areas for potential collaboration, and this visit served to further those discussions and solidify our commitment to working together.

We are particularly excited about the prospect of joint research initiatives, which will allow us to combine resources and knowledge to tackle pressing issues in the development sector. Additionally, the possibility of student internships and post-doctoral opportunities will provide invaluable experience for our students and researchers, fostering an environment of learning and professional growth.

Moreover, project collaborations will enable us to undertake larger and more impactful endeavors, leveraging the strengths of both institutions to achieve common goals. These collaborations are expected to not only benefit our respective institutions but also have a positive impact on the broader community, both locally and internationally.

We are optimistic that this partnership will foster cross-collaboration within Indonesia, the Southeast Asia region, and Canada. By working together, we can create a network of knowledge and innovation that transcends geographical boundaries and contributes to the global academic and research community.

In conclusion, the visit from the University of Toronto delegation marks a significant step forward in our relationship. We look forward to building on this foundation and realizing the full potential of our collaboration in the coming years.

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