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Gathered on February 9th, 2024, the Policy Advocacy and Community Empowerment (PACE) team joined hands with the EAFOR Team for an invigorating follow-up session with the PKK Group of Manteos Community. Brimming with enthusiasm, the meeting aimed to ignite collaborative sparks that could illuminate the path toward transformative change in the Manteos region.

Under the dynamic leadership of Mrs. Elis, the PKK Group radiated eagerness for partnerships geared towards the empowerment of women at the grassroots level. From the fertile grounds of discussion emerged ideas as vibrant as the local landscape itself – from envisioning flourishing urban farming initiatives to crafting practical programs tailored to uplift the women of Manteos Community.

With a fervent desire for progress, the PKK Group, especially its female members, voiced their aspirations for tangible advancements in the wealth and well-being of Manteos families through deeper collaborations with RDI. Their hopeful outlook serves as a rallying cry for collective action, igniting a beacon of hope for community prosperity and empowerment.

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