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We are honored to have Dr. Ardhasena Sopaheluwakan (BMKG Climatology Deputy), Priyanto Rohmattullah, SE, MA (Director of Environmental Affairs at BAPPENAS), and Zaenal Arifin, S.S., M.H (Director of Disaster Management Strategy Development at BNPB) deliver insightful presentations during the talk show session in our National Workshop: Assessing the Plausible Future Climate Impacts on Livelihoods and Food Security and Co-Production of Climate Adaptation Options for CLEAR+, Led by Mrs. Suryani Amin, our Research Fellow, in the Akmani Hotel Jakarta on March 13, 2024.

Assessing that this method could contribute to the Regional Action Plan (RAD) in Climate Change Adaptation, we express gratitude to BAPPENAS, BMKG, BRIN, BNPB, BKF, BPS, KLHK, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, and National Food Agency for participating in this discussion and providing valuable insights that will shape the future of the CLEAR+ project.

According to this workshop, we are collaborating with The World Food Programme (WFP) to develop an analytical method called the Consolidated Livelihood Exercise for Analyzing Resilience (CLEAR+) to gain a better understanding of the impact of climate risks on food security. The workshop was attended by representatives from government institutions, NGOs, and universities.

The goal of inviting various stakeholders was to facilitate discussions and identify gaps in the planning of climate change adaptation actions. Additionally, we aimed to gather input from experts to advance the CLEAR+ approach and explore its potential for replication across Indonesia.

Our team comprised Dr. Saut Sagala as the Project Leader, Mr. Edi Riawan, Mr. Hoferdy Zawani, Farijzal Arrafisena, Ilham Setiawan Noer, Dekka Dhirgantara Putra, Eri Krismiyaningsih, Syukron Subkhi, and Ghina Aria, prepared the workshop prior to the launching of this project in Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) next week.

Written by Ghina Aria M | Edited by Syukron Subkhi

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