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 The RDI team represented by Hoferdy Zawani, Dr. Edi Riawan, Farijzal Arrafisena, and Ilham Setiawan along with the WFP team organized a series of workshops on three NTT islands. Three districts/cities were selected as representatives of each island, consisting of the Kupang and East Sumba on Monday, March 18, and the West Manggarai on Thursday, March 21.

The workshop was attended by local government representatives, livelihood group representatives, NGOs, and academic institutions. Throughout the workshop, participants were very active in validating the baseline study results and sharing their experiences of climate change impacts on livelihoods and food security, as well as adaptation actions to these impacts, including the use of local wisdom.

This valuable information will be analyzed in the CLEAR+ method. Especially to ensure that the adaptation action plan incorporates local wisdom. A series of validation workshops will later be held in the same location to validate the results of the CLEAR+ analysis.

Written by Farijzal Arrafisena

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